Mustard VS Mayonnaise: Corolla Meets R34

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photo by RJ Deslate, Video by Mikey Dang, Words by Alvin Thai


It was just another day the park here in Los Angeles as I watched my kids play soccer together. My daughters are quite the unique little pair. One is often referred to as “Godzilla” for her beastly attitude and rarely ever comes out for the world to see. My other daughter is much older born way back in 72′ and is the classy type. I don’t know how they came out so different or how they get along, but don’t they look so beautiful on the soccer field together?


Okay okay, all cheesey jokes aside, I’d like to introduce this lovely couple we have here. The mustard colored 72′ Corolla above is owned by a hardcore Classic Toyota enthusiast by the name of Daniel Baca. He owns about 10 cars inlcuding many classic Corollas, Celicas, and Hilux’s. I first met Daniel at Night Imports Collab Meet a few months ago. It definately stuck out in the line of familiar looking cars that night and I just had to meet the owner.

Daniel says “I hate rolling into a meet and seeing rows of 10 identical cars.” Being unique is what sets us apart and that is exactly what he’s done with this platform. I have never seen another RHD 2 door corolla wagon. In fact, I couldn’t even identify this car upon first glance. “I like things that not a lot of people have” I’m sure we all feel this way about our cars and that is exactly why I love this one so much. Being a classic is just a bonus. Everything on the car is original, even the paint!

Well everything, but the stance of course. The suspension is crafted upfront with Tokico shocks, Ground Controls, and AE86 spindles while the back sits on lowered blocks and leaf springs. The car is fitted agressively with over-fenders, a must for classic imports!, and a pair of 13×11 SSR Formula Mesh’s out back and some 13×11 volks up front.

Them aint’ exactly 20”s, but they nice though. This is probably the 3rd set of SSR Formula Mesh’s I’ve seen in Socal, it’s rarity matches the rest of the car. Aside from being the only RHD 72′ Corolla Wagon in Socal, the car is equipped with many rare S5 badges and belive me, those aint’ cheap either. Even though the wheel’s are mismatched, they have a very similar style and give a very nice contrasting effect. The front is convex popping forward while the rear is almost an inverted relation sinking in appearing aggressive in relation

Did I mention is RHD? The interior is OEM for the most part except for a classy looking Nardi paired onto a Momo hub. Rear seats were reupholstered for restoration along with the carpet and headliner. A few Autometer gauges were added along with some TRD bits, but all together nothing looks outlandish or overly modified. Everything fits into place in a well balanced matter which is what I like to see especially on a classic car.

While the motor is rebuilt, Daniel plans in to drop a 3SGE BEAMS swap. This is a motor I personally love not only for its beautiful appearance, but because it’s amazing technology. It’s power rating is around the 200 range, but the torque curve is linear. What this means is you don’t wait for the torque to come in, it is there when you want it where you want it. Just imagine the all necks he’ll brake once that is dropped in.




The second car we shot that day was Luis Chacon’s R34 Skyline. YES A !@#%^*&^@!# SKYLINE IN AMERICA!!! Not an R32, but a R34!!!!! This had to be the most epic photoshoot we ever done in one day. Believe me we were turning heads, breaking necks, and scratching heads that day cruising around. Nothing fits better on this beast, but some track minded TE-37s.

Aside from the TE-37s it sports a carbon fiber lip up front. The owner only recently picked the car up and plans to do much more especially to the engine. But hey, its a R34, nough said.



Hope you enjoyed a day at the park with us. Photo credits to RJ Deslate, video credits to Mikey Dang, special thanks the Daniel and Luis.


– Alvin

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