Erro: Kaethe’s BMW 318i E36

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E36 BMWs, What do we know about them? We know they rake, we know there are tons of ‘em driving around but it takes some serious skills to pull one off without looking like a European techno junkie or M3 carbon copy. Looking like neither of the previously aforementioned, I am honored to present to you Kaethe’s E36, Erro. This car is girl owned, operated, and maintained with a constant quest for lows and a constant quest for awesomeness.

Despite the extreme lows, Erro is a daily driven car. It is a wonder to myself and to many of Kaethe’s friends how Erro’s lip is still attached. I’m not going to say anything incriminating, but its very likely that bets have been made of when the lip would come off. So far, they have all been wrong. Believe it or not, but this car is daily driven in San Francisco, one of the gnarliest, hilliest, pothole-iest cities around. I have personally witnessed Erro drive from Las Vegas back to SF. This car just keeps on going like the energizer battery.

Seeing this car rolling is always a pleasant experience. Those chrome AC Schnitzer type II are a perfect fit for the white paint too.  Measuring at 17×8.5 ET 13 all around flushness is aplenty. The earth hugging ability of Erro can be attributed to her FK KonigSport Coilovers with the collars removed. If her car had a meme it would be shouting “All the Lows!”

By looking at Erro you wouldn’t guess she’s got over 200k miles on the clock. The interior is impeccable, this is coming from first hand butt-in-seat testimony.

In terms of things that shouldn’t be used to measure other things, Erro has less than shoe clearance all around. Erro’s static stance is definitely on point. As an active member of the Slamburglars (Aka the Frame Bang Gang) Kaethe is always down to scrape.

Here is a little bit of behind the scenes which is really parallels Erro’s character. Erro is one of those cars that just comes out of nowhere and into the spotlight wherever it goes. You may not notice her at first, but when shes gone it’s all you will be talking about for the next few days. Kaethe, we hope you continue to do awesome things and can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future!

We would like to thank Andrew and Curtis for taking photos as well as everyone who came to set up for us despite some lighting malfunctions and people rubbernecking throughout the entire shoot!

A special thanks goes out to Quincy Wong for filming!

Photos: Andrew Butte , Curtis Hartdegen

Video: Quincy Wong

Words: Michael Klonoff

*It should be noted that since this shoot Erro has since been lowered more #allthelows #errolifestlye

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    The car is good! ;)

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