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Let me start off by saying that Jim’s xB is easily the cleanest and most well built xB’s I’ve seen before. Although he does not believe it is near being complete, it already looks so complete as is. But I cannot wait to see what he has planned for the future! Jim bought this xB brand new with the styling for the car already thought out in his head, and he has worked hard to bring that dream to life!

Jim Said “The xB was my first attempt at building an import car. But I saw it as a challenge. I lived in Japan for a couple years while working in the Navy. So I was immediately immersed in all things Japan with a dash of obscurity known as vans and wagons. So like a whole lot of people stateside, I was one of those guys trying to figure out why anyone would waste their time. But it’s part of their culture. So I was there when the xB ( known as the bB in Japan) was released in ’99. I thought it looked goofy too. But as their aftermarket went nuts over it, I found it looked pretty cool modified. When Toyota decided to sell it here, I knew what could be done to it already.”

Jim’s inspiration came about when he was at the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2000. Besides all the usual performance we know, Skylines, s-chassis, Subaru, EVO’s, and the S2000 just came out. He was checking all the Honda Stepwagn’s, Suzuki Wagon R’s etc etc, and he liked how the aftermarket slightly squared off the bumpers and added a roof spoiler to extend the roofline off the car. Topline Made a rather cool lip kit for the bB that did just that minus the wing, nice modular lines and such. He was inspired by the styling he saw there and once he bought his xB in ’04 he began to bring his ideas to life.

When I asked Jim what got him into cars in the first place he said: “I like things that go. That’s why I joined the Navy. I used to work on an aircraft carrier in propulsion. The definative job to making something go. I used to read about that stuff in grade school. I think I’d really like to expand my knowledge and build bumpers from scratch. Look, Any car that someone has modded, whether we like it or not, is just that person’s canvas. We can all have an opinion about it, But if you do, try to make it a creative opinion. I have inspired many people to do certain things to their cars by doing so. Many of the those cars came out really well. I could go on and on about that. But honestly, let’s support the scene we have as best we can while we can.”

His xB was supposed to be a daily driver so he could work on my autocross project- A ’93 Dodge Daytona ES V6 5-Speed with MOPAR springs, Koni adjustable damping shocks, huge rear sway bar, short ram intake, short throw shifter, under drive pulley and no AC. but he later sold the Daytona for a xD to use as his daily so he could begin tuning the xB. He said “When the air suspension went on, there was a change of roles in my garage. I just couldn’t resist the air ride. I knew it would get ruined in the winter. I pretty much kept the project slow on purpose kinda going stall with it in ’08 since I was cut loose from my job. That’s why the DIY stuff is so intriguing to me now.”

He painted his engine cover to represent Origami Paper, a very neat touch in my opinion!

Shout outs:
My wife for supporting me for one! She’s the one that helped me while sitting at the table with the W-Blood shop owner. Her family in Japan for driving me around there to see that sort of stuff. Pat with WagonLifestyle for the opportunity to write/contribute/inspire for him. Scion itself for backing all us owners at shows nationwide, throwing huge party’s for us. We miss that Scion! bB Squad, Alpha Squad, Scion Evolution, Scikotics, Wagon Mafia and all those that looked to me for inspiration and I give you props back! The Chicago import scene as a whole. I know 90% of you will never get wagon tuning, but give it time, Equilibrium/USG, Everyone that took pictures of my car, the judges that thought it deserved an award, Ginash at JDMC for giving it it’s first feature. Lastly, my daughter for not minding the noisy air pumps in Dad’s white race car!

Mods List:


– W-Blood H.E.S Body Kit
– Taillight RedOuts
– Headlight and Foglight Trim from SilkBlaze (He bought them while in Japan.)


– Kenwood deck & 5 ch.amp and Polkaudio SR6500 comps with Polk MOMO 8″ sub
– Tan painted Trim pieces
– KGWorks Japan Chrome inner door handles
– KGWorks Japan Lock plungers
–  KGWorks Japan Speedometer Trim
– KGWorks Japan Rear wiper delete
– Newing Domelight lense (crystal look)
– CarMate L.E.D. Domelight
– Kashimura LED b-pillar crystal b-pillar lights


-Work EuroLine DH 17×8/17×9
– Falken Tires 205/215


– EasyStreet Suspension
– Progress Rear Sway Bar
– Cusco Front Strut Bar

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