Levin Notchback AE2k

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I recently had the chance to shoot one of the most intriguing cars in the Bay Area. From the outside, it looks like a normal, stanced Toyota Corolla AE86 with the Levin Notchback body. However, under the hood lies one of the most powerful street-legal Honda engines ever made. Yes you read that right, this car is Honda powered, more specifically an F20C out of a 2004 Honda S2000. But other little gems also hide under the hood of this beauty.

With 240hp under the hood and a weight of of less than 2000lb’s, it’s no wonder why you can’t see it clearly when it flies by.

When this AE2k does stop though, it turns heads and breaks necks. At least under normal circumstances, you almost never see an AE86 with 15×8’s up front and 15×11’s in the rear.

As with any major swap, displays usually get switched out. It’s quite pleasing seeing how well the AP1 display blends with the classic, square lines of the AE86 dashboard. The hint of carbon fiber around the arching of the display doesn’t hurt the appearance either.

Other improvements linger within the car. The stock AE86 were swapped out for caliper from the FC3S.

You have to respect that fitment. At the moment, the fenders look a bit iffy but the owner, Lito, says fender flares are in the near future and possibly new wheels as well!

The Levin front end seems to suit the AE2k concept much better than the much more desirable Trueno front end. I believe the Levin look gives it that bit of an edge, a more sleeper look than the Trueno.

All in all, this Levin AE2k is a wonderful car, whether it turns into a car breaking necks at meets or on the track, I think it will live an amazing life, especially under Lito’s care. For those who are curious, below is a spec sheet of the major features on the car.

Engine:                                                                                    Suspension:

2004 Honda F20C Engine and Transmission                   Megan Racing Coilovers

JSP AE86/S2k Conversion Mount Kit                               Cusco Strut Bar

Cusco Mounts                                                                    T3 Tension Rods

OEM Hond Spark Plugs & Thermostat                               T3 NRCA

Afco Racing Aluminum Radiator                                         T3 Traction Bracket

Circuit Sports Aluminum Coolant Reservoir                        DE Adjustable Bump Steer Tie Rods

Flex-A-Lite Dual 10” Fans                                                   FC3S RX7 Turbo Caliper Conversion

Stainless Steel Brake, Clutch, & Fuel Lines                        Mini-Cooper Brake Rotors

Setrab Oil Cool With Stainless Steel Lines                          2-Way LSD Zenki Rear End

Saiko Michi Oil Catch Can                                                   15×8 (Front) & 15×11 -25 (Rear) Wheels

Walbro Fuel Pump

Exterior:                                                                                   Interior:

Panda Paint Scheme                                                          OEM Toyota Steering Rack

Kouki Levin Front End                                                         Nardi Steering Wheel

Zenki Front Grill                                                                   Works Bell Quick Release & Wheel Lock

DDM HID Headlight Kit                                                        Sparco Bucket Seat & TRD Racing Harness

JDM Zenki Rear Bumper                                                     OEM Honda Type R Shift Knob

Kouki Center Truck Garnish                                                 Battery Relocation To Back Seat



Thank you to Lito for allowing me to feature is amazing AE2k.
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Photos and words by: Braulio Negreira

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  • Lito Mata November 24, 2012 - 10:48 am Reply

    Thanks for the article and the opportunity! Special thanks to CarsXHype and Braulio for taking an interest in an ongoing project that will be slowly going into completion!! Peace!!

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