Joe McGuigan: One Dedicated Pro-Am Drifter

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This past Thanksgiving weekend Joe McGuigan set out on what one could refer to as one hell of a weekend. His weekend consisted of what would seem to be two fun drift/track events, Bob’s Black Friday Trackday at Buttonwillow Raceway on Friday and ThunderDrift Pro-Am Round 4 at Stockton 99 Speedway on Saturday, but the weekend proved to have its difficulties. Continue reading to find out more. . .

Pic credit to Life Blasters

On Friday morning at Buttonwillow Raceway, Joe’s 1UZ powered IS300 had grenaded itself in his first session cutting his Black Friday Trackday short. With less than 24 hours before the final round until ThunderDrift Pro-Am, a decision had to be made quickly. Joe had looked to his friends, supporters, and sponsors to help him find another motor. Eventually a swappable 1UZFE was sourced in Modesto, Ca. Once Joe had obtained the motor later that afternoon, he met up at a friend’s house to do the engine swap. Although they knew the road ahead would not be a very pleasant or easy one, they still pushed ahead. The bad 1UZFE had been pulled and parts, such as the oil sump and oil pan, had been swapped over to the “new” 1UZ. As it got late into the night, everything had been swapped over from the “old” 1UZ to the “new” 1UZ.

The swap was eventually finished with Joe on no sleep and no start up of the new swap until around 8:30 am on Saturday to put the IS300 onto the trailer to haul off to ThunderDrift Pro-Am Rd. 4. Joe and his crew finally got to Stockton 99 Speedway, and after pulling the car off the trailer they could tell that the “new” 1UZ didn’t sound right and was having gearbox/shifting problems. After a couple of trial and errors the gearbox problems were solved, but the 1UZ still didn’t sound as healthy as it should have. Despite the “new” 1UZ feeling underpowered Joe pushed on throughout the day. Despite Joe not doing very well, due to a combination of being up for over 24 hours going on 48 hours and a lack of power, it is still nothing less than impressive that he made it out to the final round of ThunderDrift Pro-Am and was able to drift and finished off the season 11th in points out of the 37 drivers. With an overnight motorswap and no sleep for two days, Joe McGuigan has definitely proven and showed his dedication to the sport of drifting and motorsports in general.

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Pics credit to Life Blasters and my iphone.

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