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We’ve all had that car that we just want to go buy and then drive. Not a car to just drive to and from work, school, home, or the mall, but drive to create a connection between yourself and the car. Well what happens when that urge finally dies down a bit, you and the car become rooted with each other, and you start thinking how you can improve on what beauty the factory has already given you? Well ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Manny and his 350z.

Manny’s Z started her humble life as a stock Interlagos Fire 350Z. When he first bought the car he just wanted to drive. That mentality started her first transformation. At first, the Z cruised around on Rota P45R wheels and a front diffuser under the front bumper. The track-style look was good while it lasted, but Manny wanted something more. He wanted something that looked as good moving as it did standing still. That inspiration brought the car to where it is today.

And with that, the Z transformed from a track machine to a stance monster. First on the list was a set of Stance GR+ coilovers. Next was a fender rolling/pulling by L!zerd as well as some Enkei ABC Exclusive Deep Dish wheels. The fronts are 19×10.5 +10 wrapped in Nexen  245/35/19 tires. The rears are 19×12.5 +1 wrapped in 275/35/19 Nankang tires.

I’m pretty sure everyone has at least held the new iPhone 5. Well what if your phone is as wide as your rear lip? Simple, you become very, very happy of what you’ve just accomplished.

With all crazy width wheels comes crazy camber and sometimes even a little bit of poke. Manny’s 350z pulls of the stretch and poke style quite well. For being a stance car, it still keeps the aggressive stance and appearance that Nissan hoped for when it originally introduced the Z to the public.

We always need a few creature comforts not matter what the car. Manny chose to install a Bride Low Max bucket seat as well as a Nardi deep dish wood grain wheel with an NRG short hub and quick release. I believe the seat reminds him of what the car once was, almost leaving behind a bit of nostalgia, reminding Manny of what the car is and what is formerly was.

I’d like to end this feature with a little spec sheet as well as by saying thank you to Manny for allowing me to photograph his amazing Z.


Enkei ABC Exclusive Deep Dish Wheels
Front 19×10.5 +10
Front Nexen 245/35/19
Rear 19×12.5 +1
Rear Nankang 275/35/19


Stance GR+ Coilovers
NNR Front Camber Kit
Ichibia Rear Camber Kit


Bride Low Max Bucket Seat
Nardi Deep Dish Wood Grain Wheel

I’d like to give a shout out to Manny’s sponsor Inspire as well as his car crew, The Higher Echelon.
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Photos and words by: Braulio Negreira




  • Angelito Mata December 12, 2012 - 11:16 pm Reply

    Nice pics! Good job Braulio, keep up the good work man!!

  • Manny350 December 13, 2012 - 11:49 am Reply

    thanks CarsxHype for the feature.Thanks Braulio for taking the photos. Thank you guys for my first feature!

    • Braulio Negreira December 13, 2012 - 12:07 pm Reply

      You’re welcome, Manny! Hope you enjoyed the whole feature process and we’re proud to be your first feature.

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