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Cars x Hype is a website devoted to providing you with the freshest content in the import car culture. Posting about local events and anything in between: the cars and the hype. In addition, we strive to deliver exceptional coverage of a wide variety of automotive events, from local meets to Formula D. Through pictures and videos Cars x Hype wants its readers to feel as if they were present at an event or relive the moments of when they were actually there.

To further progress the import car culture. Interact. Inform. Inspire.

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Anthony Guerra – AnthonyGuerra@carsxhype.com

Anthony Guerra – AnthonyGuerra@carsxhype.com
Michael Klonoff -MKlonoff@carsxhype.com
Ger Lewis – GerLewis@carsxhype.com
Otis Blank – OBlank@carsxhype.com


Braulio Negreira – BraulioNegreira@carsxhype.com (Bay Area)
Lorenz Mabutas – LMabutas@carsxhype.com (Bay Area)
Ger Lewis – GerLewis@carsxhype.com (Bay Area)
Otis Blank – OBlank@carsxhype.com (Tuscon)
David Sanchez – DSanchez@carsxhype.com (LA)
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Alex Nagy – ANagy@carsxhype.com (Chicago)
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RN Films – RNFilms@carsxhype.com

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Southern California: Brandon Nguyen- BrandonNguyen@carsxhype.com
Tuscon, AZ area: Otis Blank – OBlank@carsxhype.com
Bay Area: Ger Lewis – GerLewis@carsxhype.com
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